Design / Gi-RA

A distinctive item, an element with absolute formal elegance and expressive rigor, a small wall plaque in a satin finish. With a simple gesture, a rotation, the true capabilities are revealed.
Tenso redefines the archetype of one of the accessories that is always more increasingly populating the bathroom, a hydrobrush, made with technical and formal excellence by antoniolupi.
Tenso is made entirely of stainless steel and follows the trend of a clean and simple room, free of unnecessary encumbrances, disappearing completely into the wall. 
Its operation is simple: by rotating the plate 90 °, simultaneously opens the water as well as the window that hides it with its flexible hose.
Once extracted just turn the head to open the jet.
Rotating the plate again it closes with a single gesture, water and window and disappears "magically" in the wall leaving free space.