Design / Claudio Silvestrin

The eight colours of the I Frammenti line
blend one into another and explore the relation between neutrals through small variations of tone that modulate from white to black.
I Frammenti is a project that can be combined with all surfaces. The grout is an integral part of the design. The grout is a crucial part of the surfaces installed with I Frammenti.
The same item paired with different grout lead to surprisingly different surfaces.

Unglazed porcelain stoneware for indoor and outdoor use, for floors and walls,for saunas, swimming Pools and turkish baths.
Glossy glazed porcelain stoneware for indoor and outdoor use. I frammenti glossy can only be used for wall.
Vetro L Frammenti a new material that transforms the world’s smallest mosaic into a opalescent surface that pulses with light.